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The Covid pandemic has shaken the international financial markets. In mid-March, Germany's leading index, the DAX, even recorded the biggest daily loss in its history, falling by over twelve percent.

But, as with most incisive historical events, there is also a positive side to it. Many companies had to rethink the way they do business as a result of the Corona situation – in some cases they even had to completely reinvent themselves; lesser noticed sectors even experienced an unexpected upswing ...

As a result, the consequences for the stock market have been significant. The value of several companies has doubled in a matter of weeks, and there is still room for much more growth.

AKTIONÄR editor Michel Doepke is certain: "The Corona crisis as well as the time after will offer unexpected opportunities on the stock market. A whole lot has already changed and the potential to find the next tenbagger is definitely there."

"My goal is to identify winners from promising industries before everyone else."

Michel Doepke, DER AKTIONÄR

The concept for success

Michel Doepke is always looking for possible breakthroughs in the specialist press. Thanks to his careful research and detailed fundamental reviews, he can filter out tomorrow's potential winners.

In doing so, the expert does not only focus on domestic and European companies, but also for yet undetected opportunities overseas.

The AKTIONÄR expert has already shown his unique feeling for new trends and promising stocks in the past. For example, he discovered the hydrogen high-flyers Nel and ITM Power in time - means before the major re-evaluation. The companies are now stars on the stock market.

Nel ASA in NOK (WKN A0B733)

+570%Since Aktienreport recommendation on 09.10.2017 Chart Nel ASA +570% since recommendation

ITM Power in GBp (WKN A0B57L)

+1.370%Since AKTIONÄR recommendation on 28.05.20219 Chart ITM Power +1.370 % since recommendation

Moderna in USD (WKN A2N9D9)

+920%Since Aktienreport recommendation on 13.03.2020 Chart Moderna +920 % since recommendation

Ceres Power in GBp (WKN A2NB49)

+510%Since Aktienreport recommendation on 10.10.2018 Chart Ceres Power +540 % since recommendation

More success stories await you

According to Doepke, the future looks bright: There is still more to come! More top growth stories are waiting, especially in promising industries such as hydrogen, biotech or cleantech. In best case with tenbagger potential within five to seven years.

An successful example: ITM Power. Doepke recommended the stock in the AKTIONÄR issue on May 28, 2019. At that time, the share was listed at 0.41 €. As of June 2020: 4.10 € – a TENBAGGER!

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Michel Doepke

The Author:

"New scientific knowledge, innovative inventions and advances in the industries of tomorrow – there are always newcomers with a chance to be the next tenbagger."

Michel Doepke has been an editor at the investor magazine DER AKTIONÄR since 2018. He writes on the pharma, biotech and hydrogen sectors on a daily basis. The trained banker has always demonstrated a good hand in recent years when it came to selecting promising companies. These include, first and foremost, the hydrogen powerhouses Nel, PowerCell and ITM Power.

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